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 *All prices below are in U.S. Dollars.

Most of the original works are framed. The prices shown include existing frames (giclee prints are not framed or stretched). 

The prices shown are the full retail price.

 The Giclee price is the price for a digital giclee print. "Giclee" (pronounced jee-clay) is a high resolution digital process that reproduces the image with incredible detail and accuracy to the original work of art. It is printed on canvas giving it the look of an original. Giclee prices are based on a print that is the same size as the original. However, if you would like a different size (larger or smaller) please contact me for a quote.

When you see the designation 'gallery wrapped' it means that the sides of the canvas are painted as a continuation of the image on the front.  Framing is not necessary

                                                                                               Original Price           Giclee  Price

 "Beauty in Decline"     40"x60"     Oil on Canvas (framed)                $2500.00            $290.00

"Realms of Light"      32"x32"     Oil on Panel (framed)                Sold Giclee Only       $199.00

"Descending"             36"x45"      Acrylic on Canvas (framed)           $2500.00            $290.00

"Currents"                    30"x30"    Oil on Canvas ((framed)                  $600.00              $199.00

'Dragon''                      36''x50''      Oil on Canvas (framed)                  $2500.00            $290.00

"Liquid Garden"           18"x26"     Oil on Panel (framed)        Sold Giclee Only               $950.00

"Soul of the Sea"         50"x50"      Oil on Glass (framed)                    $2500.00            $280.00

"Ribbons of Euphoria"  26"x36"  Oil on Canvas   (unframed)           Sold Giclee Only             $199.00

"Balcony Light"        20"x20"      Oil on Canvas   (framed)                   $500.00             $175.00

"Healing Touch"         32"x32"     Oil on Panel  (framed)                   Sold giclee only  $199.00

"Windswept"               32"x32"     Oil on Canvas (framed)                Sold giclee only   $199.00

"Bridge of Sighs"       41"x43"   Oil on Illuminated Glass                Sold giclee only          $250.00

"Tempest"                   24"x38"   Oil on Panel   (unframed)                    $1000.00             $199.00

Dreamers of Beyond 36 x 60   Oil on Canvas (gallery wrapped)      Sold Giclee Only             $280.00

The Fray of Manifestation 36 x 60 Oil on Canvas (gallery wrap)      $1200.00            $280.00

Spirals                          24 x 36 Oil on canvas                           Sold giclee only           $199.00

These Ancient Walls 32 x 32 Oil on Canvas (gallery wrapped)        $750.00           $199.00

Strange Music         24 x 36   oil on canvas (gallery wrapped)    Sold giclee only    $199.00

Forest Passages    30 x30    Illuminated Acrylic on Plexiglass         $2000.00               $199.00

Fire and Water        47 x47  Illuminated oil on glass                          $2500.00            $280.00

Stepping Stones     52 x 47 Illuminated Oil on glass                         $2500.00           $280.00

Walking Through the Undergrowth 24 x 32  oil on panel                     $750.00             $199.00

Echoes                     12 x 22  oil on panel                                        Sold giclee only    $175.00

Waterfall                   12 x 12  pastel on paper                                    $475.00              $200.00

Two Paths               12 x 22  oil on panel                                        Sold giclee only   $199.00

Presence                 18 x 26  acrylic on paper                                   $1400.00            $250.00

Cafe Light               30 x 30 oil on canvas                                      Sold giclee only    $600.00

Illuminated Floral  32 x 32 oil on canvas (framed)                         Sold Giclee Only              $199.00

Eastern Influence  32 x 32 oil on canvas (gallery wrapped)       $750.00                $199.00

Our Perception of Permanence 24 x 32 oil on canvas (GW)       Sold Giclee Only              $199.00

Cymbelline            24 x 32 oil on canvas (gallery wrapped)        $450.00                $199.00

Realms of Bliss      30 x 30 oil on panel                                          $1200.00                $199.00

Genesis                 24 x 42 Illuminated Oil on Glass                    $1500.00

Forest Passages   36 x 36 Illuminated Oil on PlexiGlass                    $2000.00

Soilsigh (Soicha)  36 x 36 Illuminated Mixed Media  on Plexi     $1850.00

Twilight                 36 x 36 Illuminated Acrylic on Plexiglass        $1850.00